4U6C9546-CopyIMG_0257-Copy1Being originally from Slovenia and having moved to Warsaw not so long ago, we were in a dire need of a petsitter, who would assume care of our two beloved cats, Muri [*], Leszek and Dusi, in times when we would be travelling back to Slovenia to visit our families. We have to admit, up to the point when we started looking for solutions on what to do (and packing up cats and putting them on a plane there and back was our absolute last option), we were not even aware that something like a “petsitter” exists in Warsaw. But let me tell you this, we have found a true gem in Daria! She has already had our cats for two of our trips back to Slovenia, feeding them twice a day, making sure their toilets are neat and just overall cuddling them and they love her. And when we miss them, we only have to open our e-mail client and look at one of her emails, as she sends video footage of our cats playing, eating, meowing or sleeping twice a day! And every time we get back, our cats look like they’ve gained a little bit of weight… ???? So, if you are in need of a petsitter – look no further, Daria is your answer!

Jasna, Rubi, Dusi, Leszek, Muri [*] and Matej